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What your boss wants you to know about mounting cutting & grinding discs safely

Posted by Eddie Thomas on 04 May 2017
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Need to know how to change a cutting or grinding disc without damaging yourself, the disc or your machine?  Find the right and wrong ways of changing discs with images below...

Changing Cutting Disc.jpgChanging the disc

Mounting a cutting or grinding disc should be carried out according to instructions provided by both abrasive disc and machine manufacturer.  In particular:

  • Make sure flanges are flat and clean.
  • Always use suitable flanges.
  • Flanges must have the same diameter and same shape towards both faces of the disc. (Exception to the Raised Hub Flanges, Box [1]).

180-230mm Mounting

Mounting Disc 1.png

Flat Cutting Disc Mounting.png

100-125mm Mounting

Grinding and Flap Disc Mounting.png

Inspecting the disc/wheel

  • Before mounting your disc, make sure it is not cracked or damaged.
  • Do not use wheels that are damaged or expired (we recommend using discs within 3 years of purchase).
  • Carry out a sound check by striking one side of the disc with a non metallic object (screwdriver handle). If the sound is damp and not clear, reject the wheel.  
  • Do not use wheels that were exposed to too high/too low temperatures/humidity or that have been artificially or accidentally wet.

Inspecting the machine

  • Check flanges, backing pads, support pivots and adapters.
  • Make sure the grinder is suitable for the type of work to be made and that the wheel is adequate for the grinder.
  • Always use with suitable safety guard, and always direct the open part of the safety guard to a direction opposite to the operator.
  • Keep machines in an efficient state.

Clamping the flanges

  • Make sure the flanges are flat, clean and smooth.
  • Always use suitable flanges - Flanges must have the same diameter and the same shape (recesses) towards both faces of the wheel.  Make an exception for the raised hub flanges.

For more detailed safety instructions for operating cutting and grinding discs click here

Download Disc Changing Safety Instructions

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