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New in - take a look at the half-mask respirator combining safety, functionality and comfort!

Posted by Gus Broomhall on 19 April 2018
Gus Broomhall
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Respirators are inevitable when you're working in a metal fabrication workshop. They protect us from breathing in the bad stuff, like welding fumes that can cause cancer and other effects. But what about comfort and functionality? Ever wondered if there was something that fits well, doesn't glue to your face, is light weight, not too bulky, and works with the other PPE you need to wear?....Wonder no more - we've developed just the thing!


Meet the CRAFTSMAN 710 Series

  • Respirator 710 workingOh so comfortable with an advanced soft silicon mask for a smoother feel and flexibility. Say goodbye to the glue-like grip of rubber, and hello to lightweight smooth silicon giving you more comfort and protection with long term use.
  • Multi-fit filter connection - that's right, you're not limited to one type of filter. The 3 point bayonet filter connection enables different types of filters to attach. 
  • Low profile design - protection without the bulk! For once you'll be able to wear a respirator and still get a good view of your work - it fits well with safety glasses and goggles, under helmets and any other PPE you might be wearing.


Half-Face Respirator 710

HF Respirator details


But wait!  There's more...

It's not just the face-piece that's designed for great functionality.  The CRAFTSMAN 710 series includes some pretty awesome filters to suit multiple needs, allowing you to breathe easy.


CRAFTSMAN GP3 Particulate Filter 718

  • CRAFTSMAN 718 Particulate FilterThese provide particulate protection class P3.  This provides a high level of protection including handling highly toxic dusts or powders, like organophosphate insecticides and radionuclides. 
  • Low profile, and flexible in design, the 718 filter fits easily under welding helmets and face shields.
  • The multi-fit bayonet connection means these filters will fit both CRAFTSMAN and 3M respirators.
  • Application: Dust and fumes from sanding, grinding, cutting, polishing, welding fumes and mists.
  • Certified to AS/NZS1716:2012


CRAFTSMAN ABEK Gas-Vapour Filter 719.jpg

CRAFTSMAN ABEK Gas/Vapour Filter 719 

  • These are for use with organic(A) and in organic(B), vapour aid gases(E), and ammonia(K).
  • Encompassing a unique design, they've got a good balance of weight and clear field of vision, while also offering low breathing resistance. 
  • The multi-fit bayonet connection means these filters will fit both CRAFTSMAN and 3M respirators.
  • Application: Painting, spraying, solvents, resin and glues, cleaning and degreasing, using/handling hazardous goods.
  • P2 Particulate Filter & retainer capCertified to AS/NZS1716:2012

CRAFTSMAN P2 Particulate Pre-Filter 713 

  • Pre-filters to use with gas and vapour filters 719.
  • For protection against dust, mists and fumes.
  • Certified to AS/NZS1716:2012


CRAFTSMAN FIlter Retainer Cap 713

  • CRAFTSMAN 710 Welding kitTo connect pre-filter to main filter.


CRAFTSMAN Welders Kit 710



CRAFTSMAN Multi-Gas Spray Kit 710


Check out the CRAFTSMAN Respiratory 710 Series here


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