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Keep the spray away with our new design Full-Face Respirators

Posted by Julian Prestidge on 19 February 2019
Julian Prestidge
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Full-face respirators are ideal for work where you're dealing with paint, chemicals, and other things that can make their way up and under safety glasses/goggles and irritate your eyes.  Having a seal around the whole face provides a better level of breathing protection too!  These newly designed CRAFTSMAN Full-Face Respirators provide the protection as well as comfort and usability - read on to find out more...

Meet the CRAFTSMAN 711 Full Face Respirator

  • 711-Full-Face-RespiratorNewly designed - these full-face respirators are designed to provide better airtightness, offering more flexibility and freedom for working in variety of industrial environments and temperatures.

  • Maximum safety - they're certified to Respirator AS/NZS1716:2012, impact rating to AS/NZS1337.1

  • Advanced soft silicon face seal - you'll notice the smoother feel and better flexibility when conforming to the face. This will give you a superior seal and comfort.

  • Wide field of view - low-profile design, with a wide polycarbonate dual coated lens. It's scratch resistant on the outside, and fog-resistant on the inside.

  • Bayonet type filter connection - breath easy with a twin filter design. multi-fit attachment system.


Full Face Respirator 711

But wait!  There's more...

It's not just the face-piece that's designed for great functionality.  The CRAFTSMAN 710 series includes some pretty awesome filters to suit multiple needs, allowing you to breathe easy.


CRAFTSMAN GP3 Particulate Filter 718

  • CRAFTSMAN 718 Particulate FilterThese provide particulate protection class P3.  This provides a high level of protection including handling highly toxic dusts or powders, like organophosphate insecticides and radionuclides. 
  • Low profile, and flexible in design, the 718 filter fits easily under welding helmets and face shields.
  • The multi-fit bayonet connection means these filters will fit both CRAFTSMAN and 3M respirators.
  • Application: Dust and fumes from sanding, grinding, cutting, polishing, welding fumes and mists.
  • Certified to AS/NZS1716:2012


CRAFTSMAN ABEK Gas-Vapour Filter 719.jpg

CRAFTSMAN ABEK Gas/Vapour Filter 719 

  • These are for use with organic(A) and in organic(B), vapour aid gases(E), and ammonia(K).
  • Encompassing a unique design, they've got a good balance of weight and clear field of vision, while also offering low breathing resistance. 
  • The multi-fit bayonet connection means these filters will fit both CRAFTSMAN and 3M respirators.
  • Application: Painting, spraying, solvents, resin and glues, cleaning and degreasing, using/handling hazardous goods.
  • P2 Particulate Filter & retainer capCertified to AS/NZS1716:2012

CRAFTSMAN P2 Particulate Pre-Filter 713 

  • Pre-filters to use with gas and vapour filters 719.
  • For protection against dust, mists and fumes.
  • Certified to AS/NZS1716:2012


CRAFTSMAN FIlter Retainer Cap 713

  • To connect pre-filter to main filter.


Check out the CRAFTSMAN Respiratory 710 Series here


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