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Safer, easier and better alternative to pickling paste

Posted by Dave Pope on 24 June 2016

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4 video testimonials from New Zealand companies who have moved to the Cougartron Pro Plus.  They tell us why it's a complete weld cleaning system, and why it's safer, easier, and better for finishing on stainless steel weld cleaning on both TIG and MIG.

Why Cougartron is the best weld cleaning system

Buck Asplet, Stainless Steel Supervisor, at Cuddon Engineering, Blenheim - As Cuddon have had a Tig brush machine in the past Buck tells us why the Cougratron ProPlus system can clean Tig, and Mig better than others.


The Safer way to clean welds

Grant, Branch Manager at Warner Construction - As "Health and Safety is a big part of our business now, pickling paste is the thing of the past", Grant tell us. He says the 2 Cougartron machines they have "is the future".


Capablilities of the Cougartron

Seamus Blee, Workshop supervisor at Cuddon Engineering, Blenheim - See the Cougratron weld cleaning system in action.  Seamus tells us how this machine is able to clean any weld.


More effective weld cleaning than pickling paste.

Buck Asplet, at Cuddon Engineering, Blenheim  - Tells us why the Cougratron ProPlus is a lot quicker and shinier finishing on both TIG and MIG.  It's also safer and doesn't have the problems you can get with pickling paste.


Cougartron ProPlus: the best electrochemical cleaning system

Are you looking for a weld cleaning system that is faster and safer will clean both TIG and MIG? Then look no further than Cougartron’s ProPlus.

This is the machine that will do ALL of your welds.  You can safely eliminate the need for pickling paste from your workshop for good!  Once your guys experience the speed and ease of the Cougartron, they won't want to use any other system.

We are here long term with the Cougartron ProPlus.  This system uses the most advanced and powerful technology to provide you with a stellar service. It’s easy to use and gives you the best electrochemical cleaning that you could expect. In addition to that, you can use it safely without having to worry about health hazards.

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