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April May Update 2019

Posted by Natalie Henderson on 17 April 2019
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If you've got any burning questions around metal finishing, head to the Case Studies & Resources section of our website - we've got a range of blogs, all written to answer the questions we're regularly asked!


Save time and money!

If you’re wanting a great finish – and let’s face it, who isn’t?  We’ve got a great range of tried and tested products for weld removal, clean up and edge work, blending and finishing, and for high finishing levels.  Here’s a few of our best sellers…


Deerfos Bora9

Weld Removal, Clean-Up and Edge Work

The Bora9 Ceramic Fibre Disc is our best seller for weld removal.  With 100% ceramic grain, these discs will give you faster removal times with aggressive, cool cutting without clogging.  So you’ll have less disc changes, and more grinding time.  Customers that use them say Bora9 discs last up to 4 times longer than standard fibre discs.

SA331 Disc

Blending and Finishing

For blending and finishing your type of abrasive will really depend on the final finish you’re wanting to achieve.  SA331 Sanding Discs are a great choice for high finishing.  They utilize a premium aluminium oxide grain to give you high cutting capacity, with a melt top coat which prevents clogging.  They also range from 40 to 2000 grit to allow you to move seamlessly through each sanding stage for a fine finish on steel, stainless or aluminium.

Sisal Untreated MopHigher Level Finishes

Now for your higher level finishes we have a range of polishing mops and compounds to suit your level of shine.  The Sisal Untreated Polishing Mop is a great all-rounder.  It will remove scratches and grinding marks to provide a satin finished look.  Pair this with a Maxicut Bar.  This is our most popular compound since it can be used on all metals, from soft aluminium to stainless, and because it works FAST!


These are just a few of the huge range of abrasives we have available.  For help or advice on abrasives for your project, check out the resources section on our website, download the flyer below, or give us a call!

 April-May Flyer 2019

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