News & Case Studies

Operational & Safety Instructions for Wire Brushes

How to select the right brush for metal fabrication

Oct-Nov Update 2019

How to check a powered air respirator before each use

Troubleshooting Your Powered Air Respirator

How to keep your PAPR clean & maintained

September Update 2019

Troubleshooting Auto Darkening Helmets - Common Problems & Remedies

The difference between 1/1/1/2 and 1/1/1/1 auto-darkening lens...

5 Signs it's Time to Upgrade to Powered Air Respirators

When do welding helmet & respirator parts need replacing?

How often should a respirator filter be changed?

How to achieve a superior brushed satin finish on aluminium

3 Step Satin Finishing on Stainless Steel Corners & Edging

Why Bladerunner Boats gave up on welding fumes...

Patchell's show how health & safety is more than just being compliant

It's clear why Rivet made the big change to TECMEN

Action Engineering share their love for Tecmen Welding Helmets

How select and fit earmuffs for hearing protection

June July Update 2019

How to correctly insert and check earplugs

Everything you need to know about workplace hearing protection

Mirror finishing on stainless steel tubes & pipes

How to get a satin finish on stainless steel tubes & pipes

How to polish stainless steel to a mirror finish

April May Update 2019

3 Steps to Match a Stainless Steel Satin (#4) Finish

How to blend a weld to match a Stainless Steel 2B finish

These are the best selling Mag Drills...find out why!

Secrets for the best polished finish on your stainless steel welds!

'It's a good helmet, I'm happy with it, I'd recommend it'

Mirror to polish aluminium to a mirror finish

March April Update 2019

Are workshop welding processes making you sick?

Welding fumes - how much exposure causes cancer?

What you need to know about air quality H&S regulations

Half face vs full face respirator - what's best?

Keep the spray away with our new design Full-Face Respirators

They bought 5! Why Betteridge Engineering recommend TECMEN welding helmets...

What kind of safety glasses do I need?

Get unbelievable vision with TECMEN Welding Helmets

Jan-Feb Update 2019

The 7 most commonly asked questions about safety glasses

Safety Glasses 509 - the ultimate glasses you want to need

DSK claim this PAPR welding helmet improves's why!

Why you should wear a flip front PAPR helmet ALL DAY

How does a PAPR respirator work?

Here's how you can score a FREE Tecmen Welding Helmet!

5 Common misconceptions about powered air respirators (PAPR)

Attention bosses - see increased productivity with this respiratory welding helmet!

No effort, just easy breathing with the FreFlow Powered Air Respirator

How to get started and get the best use out of your TECMEN TM1000

Safety glasses designed for the NZ engineer!

Try before you buy - how to test-drive a auto darkening welding helmet

October Update 2018

Flip front vs fixed front welding helmets - which is better?

How to clean your anti-fog safety glasses without scratching

September Update 2018

Everything you need to know about eye protection safety standards

Welding - How to comply with WORKSAFE as a PCBU

5 of the best excuses for not wearing safety gloves

Skin reactions - is it really from the gloves?

Gloves designed specifically for NZ Engineers!

What is an organic vapour?

What does P100 mean on a respirator?

July-August Update 2018

What respirator do I need for grinding metal?

How to test for welding flaws with Sherwin NDT

How do you clean a respirator?

How long does a respirator filter last?

Are you using the right respirator filter?

June-July Update 2018

Fit checking your respirator - if it doesn't fit, don't wear it!

Welding jacket design upgrade - find a new level of lightweight comfort!

Half-Face Respirator Fitting Instructions (CRAFTSMAN 710)

April-May Update 2018

3 reasons to learn to LOVE stock management

New in - take a look at the half-mask respirator combining safety, functionality and comfort!

Dissecting a glove - the truth behind cut resistance

New safety standards! What you need to know about cut resistant gloves...

5 common grinding wheel problems and how to fix them

The best way to detect welding surface defects quickly and easily

Choosing respiratory gear - a quick guide

Are your grinding wheels providing maximum productivity and quality results?

5 best practices for consumable stock management

March-April Update 2018

QuickStock - Euromarc's Stock Management Solution

Here's how Vertec saved time & money!

Why go Platinum? Just ask Priest Sheetmetal & Plate Ltd [case study]

Are safety glasses enough to protect you from welder's flash?

Auto-darkening helmet comparison: Weldclass Promax 350 vs 500

Getting the most out of your Cougartron

The truth about solar powered auto-darkening helmets

Jan-Feb Update 2018

How to set the correct lens shade on your auto-darkening helmet

Why welders are keen to get their hands on the Jackson WH70

Assessing auto-darkening welding helmets - features to look out for

NEW and exclusive to Euromarc - ELITE drills

Welder's most frequently asked questions about respiratory protection

December Update 2017

What happened when I changed to the Jackson WH70…

The secret to making your respirators last longer...

Helping you get the job done - ELITE Energy Drinks!

The 10 most FAQ's about Respirator Fit Testing

November Update 2017

Get the big tick from WorkSafe if you wear one of these...

The danger of welding fumes - cancer & other effects

Is ear protection the best solution to stop hearing loss?

PPE - what if my workers won't wear it?

Hand protection - what do the certification markings mean?

How to implement Kanban in your metal engineering workshop

Euromarc - behind the scenes: Our distribution centre

How to take control of your PPE - Tips & tricks from the experts!

Join the revolution!  Start Quick Ordering today...

17 troubleshooting tips for threading with metal cutting taps

Why we love Bora9 fibre discs (and you should too!)

12 common drilling problems and how to avoid them

What your boss wants you to know about mounting cutting & grinding discs safely

How to get optimum performance from your abrasive flap discs

Your ultimate guide to rotary burrs for metal fabrication

Is pickling paste ruining your stainless steel product?

How to make sure your stainless steel product looks good after a year

All you need to know about PPE for pickling paste

Why we love electro etching (and you should too!)

How to solve the biggest problems with pickling paste

9 common misconceptions about stainless steel weld cleaning machines

The future of weld cleaning is here!

The next big thing in stainless steel weld cleaning

Forget about pickling paste: why you no longer need it!

What you need to know about electrochemical cleaning fumes

Weld cleaning - what's that white powder?

New Cougartron Inox-Muscle weld cleaning machine

How to keep up with Worksafe with pickling paste

Getting the most out of flap wheels

Choosing the best non-woven abrasive for your job.

FREE Taipan cap for this Summer - with Razor-cut

'He ordered online and received his free V-Drinks'

Operating and safety instructions for bonded and reinforced abrasives (cutting and grinding discs)

Leather rigger gloves that can handle the heat and last.

Operating and safety instructions for coated abrasives. (flap discs, flap wheels, sanding discs, belts)

What is kevlar?  What's it good for?

Waikato based stainless steel manufacturers get rid of pickling paste for good!

Linishing belt troubleshooting guide

Why yellow linishing belts are better than green

Ceramic and zirconia linishing belt developed for NZ engineers

How to get a better finish for Transport Engineering

Blue welding gloves with maximum life and comfort

Weld cleaning with more control and increased brush life

Aluminium cutting discs that work for boat builders

Why pickling paste is so dangerous

Cougartron makes a better job than pickling paste

Safer, easier and better alternative to pickling paste

Why are clean and strip discs so effective?

Best way to remove paint, rust, and other surface contaminations off metal

Safety glasses that won't let in any dust or grit

How Active Engineering have made their purchasing quicker and easier

'He's knocking back his free V-Drinks'

Weldclass welding helmet & respirator system for engineers

Take yourself further faster and protect your workers with the ultra-safe ‘Razor-Hub’ disc

Take yourself further faster and protect your workers with the ultra-safe ‘Razor-Hub’ disc

What you need to know about electrochemical weld cleaning systems for stainless steel

Offering the 3 key benefits to engineers in NZ