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Operational & Safety Instructions for Coated Abrasives

Posted by Eddie Thomas on 30 January 2020

Coated abrasives such as flap discs & wheels, linishing belts, and sanding discs are simple enough to use, but there's still things you need to be aware of to make sure they're used correctly - after all, ANYTHING used with a power tool can be dangerous.  Here's some general instructions on how best practice for the use of coated abrasives...
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Linishing belt troubleshooting guide

Posted by Clayton Thomas on 23 January 2020

If you've been having problems with your sanding belt or machine, it's not the end of the world. We've made a list of the most common problems and how to fix them, like belts not running correctly on your machine, low cutting rate, or the finish you're getting isn't right. Check out the list below and find some answers!

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How Active Engineering have made their purchasing quicker and easier

Posted by Andy Thomas on 22 January 2020

Active VMA Engineering Solutions, Rotorua - case study

“It’s so user friendly, much easier than email or phone....I’m ordering the right stuff every time, because it’s all there. Everything is there on one page.”

 We talked with Amanda – Procurement Manager, on how Active VMA Engineering Solutions order, and why it is now so easy to order with Quick Order.

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Linishing Belts Tension - How to Save money & Reduce Downtime

Posted by Julian Prestidge on 15 January 2020

Want to know the secret to optimising your linishing?  The one sure fire way to save money, increase productivity, help your abrasives last longer, and bonus - increase workplace safety, is to get the tensioning right!  Taking the time to make sure your abrasive belt is mounted just right on the linisher can have a big impact, so read on to find out how....

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Operational & Safety Instructions for Linishing Belts

Posted by Liam Henry on 12 December 2019

Linishing belts and machines may seem pretty straight forward to use, but there are some simple operational and safety measures that need to be taken when using them.

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Welding's never been better for DNL Stainless!

Posted by Shane Carroll on 03 December 2019

DNL Stainless Fabrications Ltd, Auckland - case study

'As soon as you put it on you could tell the difference in the vision'

Joel Stitt from DNL spills the beans on what he thinks of the TECMEN TM1000 Flip Front Helmet with FreFlow Respirator 

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Best Practices For Welding In Confined Spaces

Posted by Clayton Thomas on 26 November 2019

Hats off to anyone welding in confined spaces!  You guys deserve a pat on the back.  Welding fumes alone are dangerous enough, but then the additional dangers that come with confined spaces....this is really one of those times you need to pay attention when it comes to safety precautions. Read on for everything you need to know about welding in confined spaces...

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Frewza Boats say switching to TECMEN was a 'no-brainer'

Posted by Shane Carroll on 12 November 2019

Frewza Boats, Invercargill - case study

'With the cost savings in both the unit itself, and the consumables, the decision is a bit of a no-brainer. '

We caught up with Brendon Frew (owner) and Reuben Haigh (engineering) from Frewza Boats about what they think of the TECMEN TM1000 Flip Front Helmet with FreFlow Respirator 

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5 Top Reasons For Cutting Disc Failure

Posted by Ray Wallace on 05 November 2019

Ever experienced an exploding cutting disc?  While it might sound exciting, hopefully it hasn't happened to you - it can be very dangerous!  Whether you're having trouble with cutting discs failing, or you've seen some of the more...gruesome...injuries caused by one and want to know how to avoid it - read on to see the top 5 reasons cutting discs fail. 

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What happens if you use an expired cutting disc...

Posted by Ray Wallace on 29 October 2019

Expiry dates on cutting discs are not like the expiry dates on a bottle of milk.  Unlike milk, that may, or may not go off by the used by date, cutting discs should NEVER be used beyond their expiry.  There could be serious consequences, and it is definitely not worth the risk to yourself or those around you.  Read on to learn more...  

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